Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Fresh Start

I know I've been slack in blogging. That makes me sad. I really like blogging. I don't know that anyone else in the world really cares what I have to say but I like having a place to document my thoughts nonetheless.
I think part of my problem was that I got bogged down in what my blog was (or was not). I thought I wanted to be a book blogger. I LOVE books and I LOVE talking about them. Books are a mega huge part of my life. But I look at other book bloggers and I just don't that I am *that* kind of blogger.
I'm not really a *lifestyle* blogger either. I'm not sure I have enough day to day *life* to be a *lifestyle* blogger. I'm not a mom so I can't be a *mommy* blogger. I love food but I'm not enough of a *foodie* to have a food blog. I truly enjoy music but I'm not *musical* enough for dedicate a blog to it. Heck, I L O V E movies/tv but not enough to single-handedly master a *film* blog. (Although, I do get my book/movie/tv passion out over on redcarpetendings.com)
But for Alli's World...I think I'm just going to try to stop trying so hard. I know what you might be thinking, "Alli, girl. You ain't blogged but four times this YEAR and this is MAY already! You ain't trying. AT ALL."
What I mean is, I'm going to stop trying so hard fit into a labels that doesn't quite suit me. That's what I wanted when I first started blogging. A creative outlet for myself.
So, I imagine Alli's World will still be heavy into books. I mean. Really. They consume a huge chuck of my life. But in addition to books, I am going to write about other things that interest me too. (See above for examples.)
Other topics that MAYBE covered:
-Foster Care/Adoption Updates (Have I even covered that at all yet?)
-Georgia Related Things (Athens/Northeast GA/Southeast US)
-Fashion/Make Up Type Things
-Travel Things
-All the Things that Interest Alli
So anyways, I know this may not be what you signed up for when you followed along in Alli's World. But this is the way I see if going for now. If you aren't interested in going along for this ride anymore, I understand. If you stick around, I hope to have more content, more frequently. We'll just see where this journey leads us!

Also, does anyone know anything about Wordpress? Should I switch from Blogger? Opinions?

And a photo of Hubs & I. 
Because we hiked. 
Up a mountain.
To see this waterfall.
Grotto Falls outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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