Review Policy

If you are an author or publisher and are interested in having us review your book feel free to email me at mrs.capt.kirk51 (at) gmail (dot) com. I am interested in working with all types of authors self-published, independent published, or major publishers.

Mostly at this time I am interested in Young Adult fiction, although I am willing to consider adult novels and some middle grades novels. I like most types of books, from paranormal, dystopian, romance, historical romance, Steampunk, mystery, suspense, contemporary, short stories and Christian fiction.

I prefer review copies of books to be physical editions, ARCs or published. I also review audiobooks. I do not like reviewing ebooks but for special circumstances I will consider Kindle compatible copies. I'm not going to start reading series in the middle, so please don't ask me to review a book that is in series without providing the previous books to the series. I've read lots of series and like them, I just don't want to start in the middle.

My reviews are honest no matter how I procure the book or how much it costs: my purchases, my library check-outs, or review copies from authors or publishers. I try to only pick the books that seem of interest to me to review. I am not paid for reviews.

I give books ratings from 1-5 stars.
1 star is just awful, possibly couldn't finish the book.
2 stars means I didn't like it at all.
3 stars means I didn't love or hate it. No real strong feelings either way. I'd likely read a sequel to see if there is more to the story.
4 stars means I like the book. A lot.
5 stars means change my life good; LOVE the book.

Currently, I am really behind on my scheduled reading so if time is an issue please be sure to express that in your initial contact. I can usually get a review book reviewed within a month of receiving it.

Thanks y'all!