Who We Are

Alli's World: "Where the lines of fiction and reality melt beautifully and creatively." Mostly, I focus on YA but I've been known to read other genres too. Reading tends to influence my whole word and I really like when a book lends itself to a creative opportunity. I've made bookish inspired jewelry, recipes, a t-shirt, nail polish designs and books have even impacted vacation plans! You'll find those types of things along with book reviews in Alli's World!

Also, I'm a Georgia girl through and through. I tend to have a soft spot for local authors. So you'll often find me spotlighting authors from around Peach State, as possible.

Now about us: 

Hey! It's Alli$on y'all! From the suburbs of a town that is only big enough to have one four way stop with a flashy red light. I'm a graduate of University of Georgia with a BA in Criminal Justice. My husband and I eloped ALMOST 3 (!) years ago in Vegas and Elvis walked me down the aisle. I have a passion for reading, particularly angsty young adult literature. I believe we live in a great BIG world and I want to see as much of it as I can. Hello Kitty is a childhood friend that I'll never forsake. If it is sparkly and/or pink and/or girly, I got to have it. I love funky nail polish and fun jewelry. I usually have some kind of "project" either in mind, just completed, or in progress. I tend to become obsessive with whatever interest is holding my attention at the time. And most importantly, "my best friend was born in a manger!"

This is Hubs, aka Clayton. He's kind of like the official Alli's World Blog photographer. He takes most of the pics you'll see on here. He also reads and supports my book habit. He spoils me and that works for me. I love him bunches!

Abby. The reading dog. Well, not really. But she sorta posed with this book so she gets a spot on the blog now. Love this mutt sooo much!