Monday, April 23, 2012

Mani Monday

Accent Nail

So I'm really girly and I really enjoy doing my nails. I'd love to go get them done professionally but alas I am cheap and I like the small bit of creativity doing my own nails affords me. Plus I like changing them up fairly often and they can be attention getters and conversation starters. (*note* I look at a lot of pics online of nails, I'm sure this idea came from one of those I've seen in the past but I can't seem to find the original. I'm sorry if I "stole" an idea, it wasn't my intention.)

This weekend I'm rocking what is called an "accent nail" which is basically painting all but one of your nails the same color and then choosing one nail to have a totally different color. You can pick which finger you want to "accent" but I usually go for accenting my ring fingers. (I'm already wearing my wedding band on my left hand and I have a birthstone ring hubs got me I wear on my right ring finger so to me accenting the ring finger makes sense.) But I've seen where others accent there pointer finger and that looks pretty cool too, so it's completely up to you. FUNky manicures are all about FUN so have FUN with it! :)

Here are some pics of my current mani:

I started by painting all but my ring finger in a light pink, then painted my ring finger gray. Which looked pretty good I thought but of course I can't leave well enough alone!

So I added a couple of layers of silver glitter over my gray polish. (I heart glitter!) And I love the way this mani turned out.

These are the polishes I used. From the right: LA Colors silver glitter (I think I got from some Dollar Store) and the gray and pink came out of set I got at Ross.

Feel free to leave me some comments and share your fav nail designs!


  1. Allison I love your idea. I have never did the accent nail thing before, but it looks really cool so I am going to have to try it. Love reading about how you did yours & seeing the colors you used.

  2. Thanks girl! It is a super easy way to jazz up an otherwise plain mani! Give it a try!