Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vanity, Vengeance, and A Weekend in Vegas: Audiobook Review

"If someone gives you the moon, you can't complain because 
they didn't think to throw in the stars." 
~Vanity, Vengeance, 
A Weekend in Vegas~

I downloaded Vanity, Vengeance, & A Weekend in Vegas by Kyra Davis from (It was my first time using the site and it I have to say I'm very happy with the experience, even if it is more costly than my local library!) This book is the sixth in the Sophie Katz mystery series. I have been a long time Sophie fan. Just to be clear (because I know I read and review a lot of YA) this is an adult novel with adult themes and language, I don't think it's overly offensive or anything but just be aware. I enjoy Sophie books because they are witty and funny usually with some kind of outlandish mystery to solve. Just for a little back story, Sophie is a mystery novelist who ends up solving mysteries in her real life. (I love that, a mystery book about a mystery writer!) Sophie is impulsive, unreasonable and a master at denial which usually makes for a fun read.

**Possible Spoilers** (Though I try not to!)

Vanity,Vengeance, & A Weekend in Vegas starts off on a real downer, Sophie finds out some shockingly, betraying information about her long-term live-in Russian boyfriend that sets the "Weekend in Vegas" part in motion. I hate reading about break ups. I'm a fairy tale happy ending kind of girl myself and the heartbreak written in this book was very real. So, I wasn't overly pleased with the beginning. But in true Sophie fashion, there is murder and mystery and mayhem to follow. I liked the parts where Sophie is in mystery solving mode. Yes, she does some stupid things but she ultimately trying to help do the right thing without getting herself thrown in prison. I find that to be admirable in a way, even though she can be a quite selfish. Sophie just doesn't always do things the right, "legal" way. That's lucky for us because her shenanigans are very entertaining.

One of the things I did not like about this book was Anatoly, the sexy Russian boyfriend. It has been so long since I read the other Sophie books I can't remember if he was like this before or not; but he can be a controlling jerk. And even though it is clear that he has been a jerk, Sophie refuses to let him go entirely. We find out more and Anatoly has his "reasons" but I still don't like him.  Things ended up turning out okay in the end, in fact I rather liked the ending. 

I was kinda digging the twist with Alex, new to the story beautiful eyed guy with less than savory business and familial affiliates. In fact, I'm kind of hoping to see him again in a future book. I think he was interesting and there may be more depth to him than we have learned so far. (But no Sophie, that doesn't mean you should want to get with him either!)

As far as the audio part of the audiobook, I liked the narrator. She changed her voice with the characters enough that they were differentiated. She was good with inflection and it was very enjoyable.

I give Vanity, Vengeance, & A Weekend in Vegas a 3.5 stars out of 5. I liked it enough, I'd read the next one but I hope its a little more light hearted and Sophie either gets Anatoly in shape or ships him out.

For the book info from Goodreads.

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