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Audiobook Review: The Raven Boys

Title: The Raven Boys
Series: Raven Cycle
Author: Maggie Stiefvater 
Genre: YA Paranormal
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I am a HUGE fan of author Maggie Stiefvater's work. She is an amazing story teller and is a wordsmith like no other. I totally get lost in the worlds she creates. Stiefvater's The Raven Boys certainly lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Honestly, when I was listening to the audiobook, I thought to myself, this is the kind of book that makes me feel smarter for having 'read' or listened to in my case. I think that is quite the feat. Raven Boys topic and theme could have easily went hokey/lame or childish. But while the main characters were still young (in high school) they seemed mature and worldly but also wistful in their quest.

I think one of my favorite characters of Raven Boys is Gansey, aka President Cell Phone. And what I like about Gansey is well, besides everything (the car, the spoiled rich boy but doesn't try to flaunt it, the way he always says the wrong thing with the best intentions, so forth), is his zealously for the quest that has become his life's work. I admire how he took a life threatening experience and used it to fuel a passion for MORE out of life.
Of course, I liked the whole cast of rich characters. In fact, I liked the characters so much the story could have been about anything and it would have been good. I like how Adam felt so real. I liked the "other worldliness" Noah and the angry, carelessness of Rowan. I like how Blue wanted to be different but she was usually just predictable. I enjoyed the whole crazy crew that lives at Blue's house.

The only thing that I found to be disappointing was the end. I know it's a series but it left on an odd note and I'm not quite sure I understood what it all meant. I'm REALLY looking forward to Raven Boys 2 because I NEED to know what was meant and what's going to happen.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I was all prepared to go all 5 stars on Raven Boys but that ending really ticked me off. The more I've thought about that though, that possibly shows just how good of a book this was...think about it. I was so invested I wanted to know everything, I wanted to be shown all the cards to use a reference that could be Raven Boys related. I just ticked Raven Boys ended before divulging all it's secrets.

MrCaptKirk's thoughts on Raven Boys: I like it because it kept you guessing and you never really knew what was going to happen. The ending was not what I had expected. 
His rating: I'd say 4 or maybe 4.5.  I just really liked that it kept you guessing.

Clayton, Me & author Maggie Stiefvater at a book signing in 2011.

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