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Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince

Let me preface this review with a few comments about my own idiosyncrasies. I love reading series because I tend to think fictional characters become my friends and I never want my friends to go away. So series are really good for me. Plus, it is a built in answer to , "what to read next?" When I read series, I tend to look at each book as a chapter in one BIG book While I understand they are individual books, they are still part of a bigger story with the same characters. And therefore, they tend to run together and it becomes difficult for me to think of them individually. I'm not sure how other people think of it but this is Alli's World.
"The virtue of angels is that they cannot deteriorate;
their flaw is that they cannot improve. Man's
flaw is that he can deteriorate; and his virtue is
that he can improve."
-Hasidic saying
from Clockwork Prince Chapter 10


This is review a 2 for 1 deal on Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince, which are actually part of a series called The Infernal Devices, by author Cassandra Clare. (There is one more due to come out in this series, Clockwork Princess out in 2013). Let me say that while this is a "historical fiction" series it also has some Steampunk elements (cogs, automations, inventions). The books are not written in the old vernacular, it's not like trying to read Jane Austin or anything. This is a story set in Clare's Shawdowhunter world. Shawdowhunters are fallen angel type warriors that project the world against demons. There are also witches, vampires, and assorted "Downworld" creatures. In this series the main characters are Tessa Gray (who is some kind of shape shifting being, Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs(Shadowhunters).
Tessa Gray

I don't know what was wrong with me while reading the first one, Clockwork Angel. I just couldn't into it for a while. I think my main problem was I am harboring a literary crush on Jace from Clare's first series, The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls (just came out!) and City of Heavenly Fire (2014). There just didn't seem to be any room in my heart for Will or Jem but my, my how that has changed now. By the end of Clockwork Angel I was excited to see what would happen in the next book. There was a couple of lines from the book I really liked that I wanted to share.

"There are worse things than that. It's all right to love someone who doesn't love you back, as long as they're worth you loving them. As long as the deserve it."

"Beauty fades, but cooking is eternal." (This line spoke to my soul! haha)
In the second book, Clockwork Prince, you found out more about the characters, especially Will and Jem. And now I reallllly heart both characters! I've just feel like I got to know and understand them so much more in this book and therefore they both become much more lovable. There is this hot love triangle thing going on in the book that spoke to the romantic in me. (This is a YA series. But sometimes less can be more, if ya know what I mean). Although, it has the elements to become tragic. (Do you know how much I love drama?!? As long as it's not in my life!) In addition to love, there is mystery, betrayal, triumph and a final surprise to keep you coming back for the last installment. Overall, a very enjoyable read and I recommend it. And here are a couple more quotes that stood out to me from Clockwork Prince,
"I feel myself diminished, parts of me spiraling away into darkness, that which is good and honest and true-- If you hold it away from yourself long enough, do you lose it entirely? If no on cares for you at all, do you really exist?"
"Her aunt leaned forward to kiss her on the forehead. 'You have more family than you think.'"
Lastly, I'll leave you with a photo of my hubs and me with Cassandra Clare at her book signing back in December 2011 in Decatur, Georgia. The event was sponsored by The Little Shop of Stories, a great local children's bookstore. They often host author events. And they are super nice and knowledgeable.


I am currently reading Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout (and really digging it!) and listening to Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris in the car (to prepare myself for the new Sookie book that just came out!).

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