Thursday, May 31, 2012

Charlaine Harris

Earlier this month, I wrote about hubs and I going to Charlotte, NC to see one of my all time favorite authors, Charlaine Harris. She was on tour for her new book, Deadlocked. It is book twelve in her Southern Vampire Series, aka The Sookie Stackhouse series. I have mixed feelings about this book and its release. I am super thrilled to have this book in my possession (all the better that it's signed and personalized to us) but I am super duper sad to know there is only one more Sookie book to left to come out (due May 2013).

If you are not familiar with Charliane Harris let me give you a little background. By far, I'd say her most popular series is her Sookie books, which is the inspiration for HBO's show True Blood. The first book is called Dead Until Dark. You meet Sookie, a telepathic waitress. I first picked up this series after I read Twilight and was looking for something to fill that vampire void in my life! Sookie is an adult and Southern so it is totally not the same as Twilight but a great series in its own right.

After reading Sookie over the past couple of year and waiting (impatiently) for the next ones to come out, I found Ms. Harris has written several other books including the Harper Connelly series, the Lily Bard series, The Aurora Teagarden series, a couple stand alone mysteries and several short stories. I've read them all (except maybe a couple of the shorts) and they are all wonderful! I certainly recommend anything she's written. The Lily and Aurora series are straight mystery novels, no supernatural stuff going on. Ms. Harris also mentioned at the event that her Harper series has been picked up by SciFy to be turned into a show! (I read it will be called Grave Sight-which is also the title to the first book in that series. YaY!!!)

Here's my (short) review for Deadlocked:

**Possible Spoilers**

Oh Sookie! I'm very intrigued how the series will end after reading Deadlocked. There were a few surprises in this book. It did take care of clearing out some secondary characters. I think a good way to sum up what was going on in Deadlocked, is like Sookie said at one point, all her supernatural paths had crossed. Team Sam all the way, baby!!

I hope you guys have a great Friday and weekend if I don't get to talk at ya again! What are you guys up to this weekend? Anybody reading anything good? Who are your fav authors?

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