Sunday, July 29, 2012

Short Story Sunday: Unspeakable

Hello y'all! This is just a little post to let you know what's going on in Alli's World...AND of course discuss some good writing. First, I want to tell you that the hubs, some of my family members and myself spent a couple of days together on Tybee Island, Georgia (and did the tourist thing in Savannah as well) earlier this week. Which was completely lovely and just what we all needed. The only unfortunate thing is that I didn't get to read as much as I thought I would while we were there, just not enough time to do it all! 

Second, my work schedule changed and I'm on night shift now. I'm still trying to adjust to that and it has really put a damper on my reading for the time being. (If I'm trying to read so late at night it tends to just make me more sleepy and that is certainly not what I need!) So, please just hang in here with me and the next 16 weeks of night shift will fly by and then we will be back to our regularly scheduled Alli's World. Heck, who knows, I might adjust so well I might want to stay on nights, we'll just have to see. 

So this past week I haven't really read much in my current read, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, not because it's not good of course but see above, for the whole night shift makes me narcoleptic thing exploitation. Plus once I get all done with it I really want to share with you guys some things we saw in Sav that you can also read about in the book. It's going be great, trust me. Until then I'll just give you one glimpse at the beautiful "Hostess City" of the South. This is the fabulous fountain at Forsyth Park, complete with the Live Oaks dripping with Spanish Moss.

BUT until I finish Midnight and get my "photo tour" ready to go live on the blog, I've actually been reading some short stories this week I downloaded on my Kindle app for my phone. The first two, I'm not even going to mention cause they were just that bad. Finally today though, I read some quality stuff! YaY!! I downloaded it a week or two ago and finally got around to reading it and it left me wanting MORE!!!
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(Amazon-which I do NOT get paid for, 
just so you know, I just do this cause
I love books!)

I've been hearing about S.R. Johannes' The Nature of Grace series and my interest was piqued. THEN, I saw Unspeakable a short story to the first book Untraceable was a free download on Amazon I simply had to give it a try. Ohmygosh y'all! Just based off the little bit in the short story, I reallllllly want to continue reading. The characters are witty and mysterious. (What ARE they doing in the woods!?) And it ends on a cliffhanger that has me hooked. I told the hubs I think he might enjoy this one (and hopefully the whole series) because it has this whole out in nature aspect to it. (Bless hubs heart, he gets roped into reading most of what I read...but a family that reads together, stays together, right??) Basically, even though I'm like 20 books down in my to-read stack I really want to move this one to the top! PLUS the next book in the series Uncontrollable is due out late summer 2012 and I saw the third book is scheduled for a Christmas 2012 release date!

By the way, S.R. Johannes is a GEORGIA author! YaY for local authors! This makes me super happy! Here's a link to her site so you find out more info about the author and the books!

Anybody out there reading anything good? Got any good summer fun times, you'd like to share? Leave me a comment. I HEART comments!


  1. Im so glad you liked it!! and yay for GA and UGA (im an alum) - if you are going to decatur book fest - Ill be there signing. :) hope to meet you!

  2. I really want to go to DBF. I have to work but I might can make Sunday happen. I sure hope so, seems like a great Fest! I love meeting great authors and I hoard signed books as much as possible!