Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

And may the odds ever be in your favor!

So, The Hunger Games movie is finally out on DVD today! We only went to see it twice at the theater. I can't flipping wait to get my own copy of the movie! I loved the books and I thought the movie was very good, one of (my) best of 2012. It kept all of the important elements of the book. Granted there were a few things that were different. (I'm thinking the bread scene. Anybody agree?) I think that is just going to happen when going from pages to screen. Just because the author can imagine it, doesn't mean the movie people can make it happen on film. Anyhoo, I think that the film adaptation of the book was wonderful in The Hunger Games

One thing I will say though, is that it really bothers me when people are like, "Oh, I saw the movie, so I don't have to read the book." I know people do this, heck I've done it but don't disregard the book just because you saw the movie. Books give you the chance to exercise your own imagination. You don't have to let Hollywood do that for you! (Sorry about that soap box, I just overheard a little girl say that while leaving the movie the last time and it just broke my heart a little!)

Back to the topic at hand...In celebration, I'm sharing some photos from The Hunger Games Mall Tour I attended at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. Some of the movie cast members went on tour before the movie came out back in March. These pics maybe kind of grainy, they were taken on my cell. (True to our nature, when we went to this event, both hubs and I failed to put the memory card back in the real camera. And neither of noticed until the actors were taking the stage.) Nonetheless, we had a great time and it was good times getting to see the actors before the movie was even out! And I sure have enjoyed looking back at these pics! Hope you guys like!

Hubs and Me. Waiting.
(We waited from like 5 am til like 2 pm
to meet the actors.)

Me. :)
After meeting the stars.
See that poster? It is signed
by all the stars in attendance.
Unfortunately, no photos were allowed
during the signing.

That's Gale,
in real life:
Liam Hemsworth.

And here we have tributes:

District 1's Marvel-Jack Quaid
District 1's Glimmer-Leven Rambin
District 11's Thresh-Dayo Okeniyi
District 11's Rue-Amandla Stenberg

The whole crew:
(left to right)
In purple is the MC Jenn Hobby from The Bert Show on Q100,
Jack, Leven, Dayo, Amandla, and Liam.

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  1. Got my copy, on the way home from work- toys r us, $14.99! Hope you are having fun! (jamieboo)