Sunday, August 5, 2012

Short Story Sunday: Intuition

Hey y'all! I decided I like Short Story Sunday so much last week that I'd do it again this week! Here's what I like about short stories. They are cheap, fast, and easy. Hummm, that sounds awful but hopefully you know what I mean! Usually you can download a short from Amazon for free or up to about $2.99. (That's about my limit--cheap I said!) I've also seen where some authors will run specials on their websites or the publisher will host free a short story on their site. Clearly, shorts are accessible if you are interested. They are quick reads for obvious reasons, they are SHORT stories, duh. And easy because you may or may not be invested in the story based other works in the series or if it is a stand alone. A short story can give you a taste of the world the series is in and either help pacify you til the next book comes out or get you interested in the series in the first place. With the Olympics being on this week, my work schedule change and some required reading I've had for class at work my fun reading time has been really limited. But I can read a short story in less than an hour and still get the feeling of "escape" that I love.

This week's selection is Intuition by J. Meyers, which is a short teaser story that goes with Meyers' debut novel Intangible. Currently on Amazon, Intuition is available for the crazy amount of $0.00. Free y'all! And that, as aforementioned, fits my price range. It is Young Adult, another check! And after I read the approximately 16 pages, I was left wanting more!

Intuition introduces brother/sister twins who have special powers. She is able to heal and he is able to see the future but is unable to change it. Intuition shows us their powers in action and ends on a cliffhanger that will leave you with that "what happens next?!" feeling. It gives us a little insight to the relationship the twins have with one another and a past experience that did not go well for them. So another words, good background info on the characters. Seems like if Intangible follows in the same vein it should be a super read. I'm looking forward to it!

Summary: I liked it. I hope you will too. And Intangible has been added to my ever growing TBR list!

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