Wednesday, August 29, 2012

High Tide by R.L. Stine

Last week, we while hubs and I were on vacation, we checked out quite a few bookstores. Even though, we own plenty of books somehow we just can't get enough. Really, it is rare for both of us to walk out of a bookstore empty handed. One of the little indie shops we went into had a great kids/teen/young adult section. Hubs and I both picked up books that we would have probably would have begged for back in our elementary school days! Sometimes a little blast from the past is nice, you know, remembering where you came from and all that. Hubs brought home a new Hardy Boys book and I got a Fear Street: Super Chiller book by R.L. Stine. I remember LOVING the Fear Street books when I was younger. The other kids liked Goosebumps but I guess I thought I was more mature by reading the Fear Street ones. 

(And how about that, my nail polish even matches! 
I didn't plan that this time! Swears!)

Anyhoo, so I had this recently acquired book in my possession and I'd just finished the book I took with me on the trip, therefore, High Tide by R.L. Stine became my companion for the flight home. (Well, about half way, the book is only 163 pages long and the flight was from Seattle to Atlanta, you do the math :)

I'm not going say this was the most brilliant piece of literature I've ever read BUT I did totally enjoy it and the nostalgia it brought me. I think what I always liked about Fear Street books was the suspenseful mystery. And High Tide did not disappoint in that area, in fact, it is almost like a YA psychological thriller! 

The main character, Adam, is a lifeguard who is working at the same beach his girlfriend died at the summer before. He is suffering from some severe mental trauma surrounding that event and he's having a hard time with what is reality and what is hallucination. The author sets up a good story and the ending is not what I expected at all. It's kind of cheesy in places but I guess when you take in account it was written 15 years ago, I guess that isn't so bad! I didn't find it to be really believable either but hey, it is fiction! 

My final thoughts: good trip down memory lane and worth the hour or two it took to read it.

What were your fav books when you were younger?? 
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