Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Signing: Lauren Conrad

This was possibly the oddest book signing I have ever been to and I've been to my fair share of book signings! First, Lauren was late getting there. The rumor was the airport lost her luggage and then she was stuff in traffic getting to the event. Then, once she was in the building, she ran through the store towards restroom, head down, not speaking to anyone, surrounded by security. Mind you all 500 or so of her adoring fans have been standing in line for about an hour. Once the event finally got under way, she didn't do a speech or talk or anything. You just go through the line, talk to her while she is signing your book (no personalization), and move on. The whole actual interaction lasted less than a minute. Oh, also. No photos once you got past a certain place in line. The employee literally made you put up your camera or phone. That's why my photos of Lauren are all so blurry or far away. And none with me posing actually with her.

I guess it's probably because Lauren Conrad is more of a celebrity than an author. But that's fine. I really liked her on "The Hills" and I actually enjoyed her book The Fame Game. I'm truly looking forward to reading book two, Starstruck.

My hubs went with me and we had a great day just hanging out with each other so that was pretty awesome. I think hubs was in it for the Starbucks! He did astutely observe that, "All the females in her are dressed like her!" And most were: their clothes (usually flowly, maybe sheer tops with colored skinny jeans), their impossibly high heels, their hair (long, ombre dark blonde with slight but perfect waves), their make up (heavy eye liner and either very nude or very bright lips).

Oh! And we saw Brian from the Backstreet Boys at P.F. Chang's when we got dinner. (I didn't bother him cause he was eating with his beautiful wife and adorable kid. And I wasn't sure it was him at first, although I did stare him down like a crazy person. I overheard a waiter and other customers talking about him once he left. He seemed cool enough to me.) So all in all it was a FABULOUS day! :)

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