Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Plum Lovin'

I read Plum Lovin' because I needed a reading change of pace. I wanted something easy, short, and funny and I was not disappointed!

Plum Lovin' is a Between-the-Numbers Stephanie Plum novel and is number 12.5 in the series. I've only read up to number seven so there were a few references I didn't get. I prefer to read series in order but I wasn't too lost by reading ahead this time. It's still the same old Stephanie and the gang with a new character for me, Diesel. Who is a lot like Ranger (if you are familiar with the series), but not really. Stephanie's boyfriend, Morelli, says, "They both run in the fast lane with their lights off," Plum Lovin' page 113.  (How does that Stephanie Plum get so many hot suitors?!) This novel is based around Valentine's Day and even though it was a bit cheesy it was cute to see Stephanie play cupid. 

Grandma Mazur was hilarious in this one! That woman is such a hoot and keeps me reading these books! I was reading this in a down moment at work and giggling so hard people were asking me what was laughing at. If you haven't read any of the Plum novels then you just can't understand the hilarity that is Grandma Mazur.

I felt Plum Lovin' was very enjoyable. It was a quick read and I felt refreshed after reading it. I give is 4 out of 5 stars. I am so looking forward to reading through the rest of this series.

More info on Plum Lovin' from Goodreads.

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