Friday, March 8, 2013

Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

As you are getting ready for the weekend, allow me to make a suggestion. The Beautiful Creatures movie is based on the book of the same name by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. It makes for a great read and the movie is pretty good too! Hubs and I saw Beautiful Creatures on Valentine's and we both really enjoyed it.

Her thoughts:

I was still in the process of reading the Beautiful Creatures book when we saw the movie. (Look for that review, tomorrow, maybe, I think.) I knew going into it the book is 563 pages, so there was no way EVERYTHING from the book would make the cut for the movie. It's sad but true. I've learned not to expect books to movie or TV shows to be exactly. It would probably be pretty boring if it was totally the same, right? 

I did notice they tried to stay pretty close to the book and I think if you were really watching you could see little nods to the books. For example, Ethan and Lena drinking orange soda, in the book the can tab on Lena's necklace is from her first orange soda with her grandmother. Also, the town sign seemed to have a pie on it and there was mention of buttermilk pie in book. So I was happy that the movie threw us book lovers a couple of bones!

I enjoyed the movie itself just for being a movie. As some one born and raised in the South, I felt the actors over did it with the accents just a bit but hey, I might be a little sensitive to that. :) I thought that Alden Ehrenreich was a fabulous Ethan. He is cute and sweet and every time he did his little giggle...swoon! I thought the Macon character was pretty spot on. And I'm a long time Emmy Rossum fan so even though her Ridley was a little different than I expected I loved her in the role.

Overall I really enjoyed it. I really want to go see it again before it's out of theaters and I'll definitely be buying a copy for my DVD/Blu-Ray collection as soon as it's out. I wouldn't say it was the best movie ever but it was worthy of our Valentines Date Night. <3

His thoughts: 

Beautiful Creatures, I believe, blended a range of things that will help it appeal to most audiences. Their is a tragic romance, a mystery and a little bit of action and some very supernatural characters. I liked the fact that Ethan seemed real to me, in that he was awkward at first toward Lena. The town that the movie takes place in also reminds me a lot of the small towns around home, and how you can hardly go anywhere without seeing someone you know. Beautiful creatures strikes me as a classic battle between good and bad, and how each sides fights for power. Overall I give Beautiful Creatures 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for anyone who likes a little supernatural mixed in with a teenage love story . I look forward to finding out how the series continues!

Our own nod to the book: 

'"No butter, salt and tossed with Milk Duds. You'll like it," she said, her shoulders relaxing just a little." 
"I already like it."

~From page 150 of Beautiful Creatures~
(Although, we did get butter too!)

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