Friday, February 1, 2013

Warm Bodies: The Movie

Happy movie release day to Warm Bodies!

MrCaptKirk and I had the chance to see a {free} pre-screening of Warm Bodies on January 17, thanks to Summit Entertainment,, and Regal. (Oh, and Lady Reader) for letting me know about the screening in the first place.) Shout outs complete.

My thoughts on Warm Bodies, the movie: 

I was really excited about seeing this film because 1. It's based off of a book I had heard of it (and read literally RIGHT before the screening, see my review of the book). 2. Zombies. (That's all that needs to be said really.) 3. Summit Entertainment. (I love them, they brought me Twilight and therefore can do no wrong in my eyes.)

The movie was zombie-rific! It was very similar to the book, it stayed true to most of the major elements. There were of course some changes, that is to be expected. *Remember the book and the movie (or tv show, etc) are two separate entities to be enjoyed. They are like companions than twins. Besides, if you read the book then you really don't want the movie to be exactly the same. That would be boring!* 

Also, somehow we can always do MORE with our imaginations than is ever possible on film. Not to sound cliche but there's just no limitations to imagination like there would be in film making. The only real "negative" was the movie did feel a little rushed compared to the book, but again I think that is something that just can't be helped.

I think those who have not read the book will certainly enjoy the movie. It's totally humorous. The main character R has some interesting inner monologue going on. His opposite, Julie, is able to pull off being pretty, strong and little vulnerable all at once. Supporting characters M and Nora provide tons of comic relief. Seriously the whole theater cracked up at M more than once.

I'm clearly not a movie critic but I really dig this movie. If you like zombies and/or love stories and/or comedy, I think there is a good chance you'd enjoy the Warm Bodies movie too. I don't think it'll be a critically acclaimed award winner but I'd totally pay my $8 and go see it again! There is some adult language and violence. This movie should be ok older teens (keep in mind I'm not a parent so you'll have to make your own judgement calls there ;).

MrCaptKirk's thoughts on the movie:

When I first saw anything on Warm bodies, and found out that it was a zombie movie I was expecting a typical zombie movie... the living vs the dead.  Although Warm bodies does have that, I would almost classify the movie as a romantic comedy.  The story follows a zombie name R, who is...different.  I can only describe him as a zombie who wants more than just brain.  After running into Julie on a 'hunting trip' R falls hard for her.  As the story continues there are the ups and downs in the relationship... but I don't want to ruin anything for you, so moving on... 

On of the main thoughts I got from Warm Bodies, is that hope is a powerful emotion, one that I would say one of the most important emotions to the human race.  In the movie, the really the only thing that separates humans from zombies, besides the obvious, is hope.  Humans have hope, zombies are just there, they don't have any drive other than hunger.  As the movie progresses R finds hope, he falls in love with Julie and has hope for something between them.  I think this is one of best adaptations of a zombie movie in recent past.

I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5 because it makes you think.


So...there you have it folks. The Kirks say GO see Warm Bodies and enjoy the zombie goodness! Let us know if you see and what you think!

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  1. I loved the movie, too, and thought it was a fairly good representation of the book. I posted my review here. :)