Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: To the Nines

Title: To the Nines
Series: Stephanie Plum novels
Author: Janet Evanovich
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Mystery
Source: My local library

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I am currently on a Stephanie Plum kick. I just finished To the Nines and Notorious Nineteen comes out November 20th, so I only have 9 more to be all caught up. I especially enjoying listening to the audio book versions of Stephanie. I have a longish commute to and from work so I can sneak in a little extra "reading" time.
Stephanie books are reliable. You have the same basic cast of characters with a handful of newbies introduced in each book. Most of the newbies won't make it to the next, it's kind of hazardous to one's life span to come in contact with Ms. Plum. Usually people get shot, people get arrested, Stephanie gets stalked and/or her vehicle blows up. I personally like having this one bit of stability in my life, knowing what to expect to some extent with the element of mystery in each book.
**Hopefully not, but possibly spoilery**
I liked that Steph and the girls, Lula and Connie got to get out of Trenton in To the Nines. The girls got to Vegas to try to track down a subject that skipped out on his visa bond. Nines what scary because everything was based around this psychotic life or death game. The Stephanie and Morelli action is HOT. And Ranger's presence makes for a good tension.
These books are not realistic at all but my gosh they are funny! I give To the Nines 4 out of 5 stars. The audio book was very enjoyable. If you haven't picked up this series, I recommend it if you like hilarious yet deadly mysteries! 

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