Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 19 – Favorite book turned into a movie

Ooooooo, I like this one! Day 19 is favorite book turned into a movie! I got a list of these! Of course, y'all know I'm a huge Twilight fan. But I really thing the movie adaption of The Hunger Games was AMAZING! If we want to old school, I used to really like A Time to Kill too! The books are usually better than the movie but books make some pretty good movies!

I'm looking forward to several movies coming out soon that are based books. I'm thinking about Beautiful Creatures (which I haven't actually read but I'm sure I'm going to love and it's in my TBR stack!) , City of Bones, Catching Fire and The Host!

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  1. I agree. The adaption of The Hunger Games was fantastic. I love when a movie makes people want to read the book even though they've already watched the movie. I think The Hunger Games is one of those books. I convinced a student that they needed to read it during the holiday break.

    I have a friend who just finished reading the Twilight series after watching the movies first. She saw Eclipse first and then went back watched Twilight and New Moon and then started reading the series. Her enthusiasm of reading the books after the fact was awesome and it was great to revisit these books all over again.

    You must read Beautiful Creatures before seeing it. I read it this time last year and it was great. There are a ton of characters and a lot goes on, but it is a fantastic introduction to the series.