Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Ten Tiny Breaths

Happy Book Birthday to Ten Tiny Breaths 
by K. A. Tucker!!

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Title: Ten Tiny Breaths
Author: K.A. Tucker
Reading Level: New Adult
Source:  Complimentary Copy from the author in exchange for honest review.

Ten Tiny Breaths really drew me in. Once I got started reading, it was good I did not want to put it down and I read the majority of TTB in a just a few short of sittings.  I liked the mystery and romance elements. I also really liked the psychological twist in the book. AND..Ten Tiny Breaths is very sexy and steamy.

I didn't like that the story didn't seem believable to me in some parts. The story was just a little beyond the range of what I could imagine being real. That being said, I appreciate that some people may not be as cynical as I am and there is a hope for a somewhat happy ending from truly bad circumstances. Also, I realize the main character is "damaged" but I didn't like how she was so damaged she thought the only way she could be whole was when she was with a man. I'm all kinds of in favor of love stories but I like when my heroines can be strong with a man completing her. 

BUT: The more I've thought about the things I didn't like also kind of made the book more awesome. If that makes sense. Cause I really like the book and I can't see how it would have worked any other way. And the characters did experience personal growth. And really, we can't ask more from a person, fictional or otherwise, than to learn from their mistakes and grow from the experience, right!? Even if it's something that occurs over time. (Thanks to my hubs for reminding me of that!)

I do really like the story, I was hooked right away and was excited to read what would happen next. It seemed like the author thought of almost all the bad things that could possibly happen to the main character Kasey and proceeded to do all those bad things and more to her! And bless her heart, she coped the best she could and did eventually pull through all the crap. This deals with a LOT of heavy issues. And is actually a pretty good cautionary tale. 

Ten Tiny Breaths serves as a good reminder: your actions have consequences people. You may or may not be able to deal with those consequences so think about what you do BEFORE you do it. I was also reminded of how we often try to fill the holes we feel inside with things that are not healthy for us. Sometimes we really just need to deal with our issues so we can move on. 

I'm giving this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. A great read for older teens/young adults and beyond.

Also...if I did want to get away from bad circumstances like Kacey and her sis...I think she had the right idea...
Photo from a family road trip to the Keys. 

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