Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Wicked

Title: Wicked
Series: Pretty Little Liars Novels
Author: Sara Shepard
Reading Level: YA
Source: Local Library
Fav Quote(s): "And I think I liked you better when your weren't popular. When you were just...normal."

I a HUGE Pretty Little Liars TV show fan on ABC Family. I really, really love the show. I was kind of having withdrawals. Then bam! They hit me with the Halloween episode and suddenly I can't wait for the regular season to come back on in January. I read the first four books in the series about a year ago and just hadn't gotten around to the next one in the series. But after the PLL hiatus became just too much to bare I checked out Wicked from my local library. Augh! I love these! I read Wicked in a matter of couple hours. I still don't know who the second A is. But gah, I love mystery, the cattiness, the fashion, all of it! Mind you the show is different from the books but they are complementary, just remember they are two separate things!

**Possible spoiler alert**

So if you aren't familiar with the series there are four girls who were brought together by their mutual friend Ali. Ali disappears and is later found buried in her family home's back yard. The thing about this friendship was it was based on secrets and Ali was the ring leader. After Ali's body is discovered the other four girls (Spenser, Aria, Hanna, and Emily) start receiving mysterious, knowing texts signed by "A". In books the first 4 books we discover who A is and that character is killed off. Well in Wicked, book 5 the texts start up again and girls think they know who the new A is, until they don't.

The girls each have their own individual problems which somehow A is always in the know about. Spenser's cheating scandal is carried over and she is now worried she is adopted. Aria clearly has some "daddy" issues or something and tends to like older men. Hanna has a different kind of daddy issue and isn't getting along with her step-family-to-be. And Emily, bless her. She thought she was into girls but seems she might be a "switch hitter" to paraphrase Noel Kahn.

One thing I learned from PLL: If you are just honest with people, especially the people you love then there is nothing for A or anyone else to hold over your head. Secrets can be poisonous to any relationship. There are many times when I wish I could just yell at the girls to JUST TELL THE TRUTH! The truth shall set you free!! It's like whatever they get into wouldn't be half as bad if they would just be honest about to begin with.

I give Wicked 4 out of 5 stars. I love the Pretty Little Liars franchise. I just can't get enough!

I made a friendship bracelet by using this tutorial. I was inspired to make this because Ali gave her girls a bracelet after the "Jenna Thing" in the books (and the show, I believe). So this is my quick and easy "Jenna Thing" bracelet!
It also apparently doubles as a bookmark! 

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