Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Visions of Sugar Plums

I hope y'all have had a GREAT holiday season so far. Christmas at the Kirk house was pretty amazing! I ended up getting "everything" I asked Santa for, got to spend good times with family and remembered what the true meaning of Christmas is! All that's left now is to box up the remaining decorations, ring in the new year and hopefully watch my alma mater win their bowl game! (GOOOOO Dawgs!!)

But as we all know the busyness of the holiday season can take a toll our regularly scheduled programming. For me that means I have read a LOT less than I usually do, unfortunately. So I picked something short and seasonal to read this week. Visions of Sugar Plums is "A Stephanie Plum Holiday Novel" by Janet Evanovich.

Visions is a fun little story set around Christmas time involving our favorite bounty hunter. Per her usual, there is a "bust" that doesn't really go well, procrastination, and car to blow up. Everything you want in a Plum novel, except Ranger. And though I missed him, there is a new cutie to drop in (literally) on Steph. Diesel is some kind of supernatural being that shows up and "helps" Steph with her skip. I'm still a little confused with Diesel's story line but he is fun addition to the cast of characters and I was certainly left with wanting to know more!

I give Visions of Sugar Plums 4 out of 5 stars for being an easy escape from one's own holiday madness! After all, no one does dysfunction like the Plums!

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