Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Update: NOT Bookish But...

This was such a good weekend, I had to post about it! Which is really awesome because I had really been down for a couple of weeks now so I'm super pleased to be feeling more like myself again.

I kicked Thursday night when I got off work when I went to dinner and to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 (again) with a dear friend. Sometimes you just gotta hang out with your homies!

Hubs took off Friday and we spent all day together. We did some Christmas shopping and by the end of the weekend we are THIS close from being DONE with our Christmas shopping! (Yay!) 

After massive shopping, Friday night we saw The Hobbit 3D! What a great movie! I totally recommend it to anyone! Things I learned from The Hobbit: 1. If you are greedy with gold, dragons will come for you. 2. Don't assume your enemy is dead, cause he's probably not. 3. Just because someone is different, doesn't mean they don't bring something valuable to table.

Saturday we did the Christmas thing with Hub's mother's family. It was a good time with family, food and fellowship. Then hubs and I went to University of Georgia Bulldawgs Basketball game. We are really lucky to live so close to our favorite college, especially since we are both huge Dawg fans! And it had been years since either of us had been to a basketball game. Our Dawgs lost but we still had fun and I totes want to go again soon. Maybe they'll win the next one!

Sunday is church day for hubs and I with my mom and sis. It was a really good service and I'm glad I was able to be there. The music was on point and the message was stellar. (Sometimes I really feel like I'm missing out because I work every other weekend. But I love my job and feel blessed to have it.)

After church we went to what is referred to as the "Redneck Parade." It is kind of an amazing really to see so many people out in the middle of NO-where to witness a parade full of old cars, tractors, trucks, jeeps, ATVs, horses, and assorted silliness. Here are some photos of my personal favorites:

We took lots more photos but I'll have to go through those later because Monday morning is just a few hours away and I have to get some sleep!
I just wanted to share with you guys what we've been up to and I hope you all had a great weekend too!
Now, back to the grind!

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