Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: The Lying Game

Title: The Lying Game
Series: The Lying Game
Author: Sara Shepard
Reading Level: YA
Source: Local Library

Remember this post, about me missing Pretty Little Liars? Well, I'm also fan of the sister show, The Lying Game on ABC Family. I haven't read any of the books in that series and I was really missing the show so I broke my own "no-other-books-from-the-library-til-I-read-some-I-already-own" rule and checked out The Lying Game from my library. It was a pretty good read. I don't love the show or books as much as I like Pretty Little Liars but man, oh man, is it growing on me!
As expected, the book is a little different from the show. The book is a little darker, I'd say. I really enjoy the mystery of the story. And what's not to love about spoiled, rich girl drama taken too far? And I love twin stories! I used to be angry my mom didn't have me a twin! Twins just fascinate me for some reason, especially identical ones (this may go back to watching The Parent Trap at a very early age). I really like the way Sara Shepard writes a drama, mystery and she's not bad at a love story either!

My only complaint is even after reading the book, we (the readers) still don't really KNOW anything! Ahhhh! Gotta get the next book soon!
The Lying Game provided me a creative opportunity, which I adore. There's a part where Emma, pretending to be Sutton, goes on a date with Garrett. They stop at a grocery store to get a snack picnic before going to a state park. I decided to get the same items and stage a picnic for the hubs and myself, although our picnic ended up being on the living room floor! (Sometimes you just gotta make do, ya know?)

The shopping list per the book includes "...sparkling cider, black olives, crackers, grapes, trail mix, fancy Australian licorice, and a wedge of Brie..." Sounds pretty random but tasty to me! Here's our spread for our indoor picnic!

"She absentmindedly placed a cracker on the napkin and added two olives for eyes, a trail-mix peanut for a nose, and a piece of licorice for a smile."

And we finished our feast with red velvet cupcakes, Emma's favorites!

I give The Lying Game 4 out of 5 stars. I will totally continue reading this series when I can. And I'll anxiously be awaiting the shows return on ABCFamily.

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